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Install process is quite simple :

– After getting plugin ZIP file log onto WP admin page.

– Open Plugins >> Add new.

– Click on “Upload plugin” beside top heading.

– Drag and drop plugin zip file.


After installing plugin you will see new item in your left menu of admin panel ( Easy Appointments ) . Open Settings sub-menu from plugin :

– Define at least one location
– Define at least one service
– Define at least one worker

After making those settings, time is to make connection between them. “Connection” is term for single working slot for that location-service-worker. You can create multiple connection for single location-serviceworker . For example if you want to have two slot times for specific time you can just clone previous connection and change time. For multiple slots just clone connections.

Time management :

In order to set available slots in your Appointments plugin you need to create connection between location, service and worker. Every single combination of that three items is one slot or capacity!

So if you want for example to have two slots for same time you need to copy the same connection. This way you can adjust time and capacity any way you want. Same thing is for increasing and decreasing your capacity at some time. Just clone connection and save it as “not working” for decreasing.


On last tab in settings you can define :

– Email notifications ( Pending, Reservation, Cancelled, Confirmed )
– Translations of labels
– Time format
– Currency


If you completed all settings you can move to insert front-end part of plugin on page or post that you selected.

In order to place plugin widget for creating appointment on your page, you need to place short-code to that page :


Or for responsive bootstrap version (from v1.2.0)


For bootstrap there are additional options :

width [ default value 400px ]

scroll_off [ turn off scroll, default value false]

layout_cols [value {1,2} default value 1 ]

Example : [ea_bootstrap width=”800px” scroll_off=”true” layout_cols=”2″]

In future there will be more than one short code for different style and layout of front-end part of plugin.


Time table report is showing all slots ( free – taken) for whole month. There you can track if your time settings is OK. Time table also helps to quickly see what is next free slot is for that location – service – worker connection.


Export – allows you to export you data to CSV format that you can use to import it to MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc. You can specify date range for the export appointments. Fist row in export file contains column names.
Currently there are only two reports but new are coming.


Easy appointments plugin supports translation. You can translate some labels via settings page but if you want to translate all labels you must create your own translation file. This can be done by external application or even inside WordPress admin panel via translate plugin. Take a look on how to do that :


If you have any questions or problems with plugin please don’t estate to contact me at WordPress support page for plugin or via email : .